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Question SSD4 ex help

just recently purchased steven slate drums 4 ex and for the life of me I cant open it from reason The download doesnt install a program as such but drops in the following files

C:\Program Files\VstPlugins

C:\Program Files\VstPlugins64

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins

hope someone can shed some light on a guitar player who relatively new to reason
please help

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oh oh ..... you mean you installed vst pluggins and you want to open those in reason ?

You can't. Reason does not support VST. It has it's own pluggin standard called Rack Extensions.

There is a workaround: use a rewire host like cubase, pro tools, logic, FL studio, ableton etc, to load the vst pluggin and rewire reasons audio channels to the vst host. This does mean extra expenses, but I use the smallest cubase (6 elements) and that's just 89 euro's.

One bad thing, if you use Reason in rewire mode, it acts as a slave to the vst host program and Reason can only use one cpu.
Only if Reason is used stand alone it uses all cores minus one, which gives you more processing power.

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thanks for the response, I will give it a try tongiht, and see what happens

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