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Buzzing issue

I'm not certain if this is a problem with Reason or not, but I'll do my best to explain.

I had an issue with my "computer running too slowly" in Reason, so I backed up all of my music on an external, and deleted it off my hard drive. This helped with the computer running too slow issue, and am still experiencing my original issue.

When I'm playing back a song while creating, I'll get a "buzzing" sound that comes out of my speakers. This generally happens when I'm near clipping. It's short, and lasts only a second or two, but it keeps happening. I can still hear most of the sound, but it is distorted slightly, and is rather annoying. I've never had this issue until recently upgrading to 6.0

I turned my speakers off and ran the sound through my interface and headphones, and still experienced the same issue, so my first guess is that it is a problem with my interface, and not my speakers.

Can anyone provide some further insight?

I'm using a Presonus Audiobox, and never had this issue in Reason 5.
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Hi, yep I think you're right about your audio interface being the culprit.
R6 and above all run at a much higher CPU usage and will therefore
cause some latency (pops, clicks and the occasional squelch?!).
Try raising the buffer rates and switching any unnecessary processes
off will help too.

Hope this helps!
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It sounds to me like a grounding issue. Are you using proper power cords in known-good outlets? Most surge suppressors have indicator lights that will show ground faults. Also, make sure that all peripherals plugged into the PC that use AC power (monitors, printer, speakers, etc.) are plugged into the same outlet strip.

I've never heard of an interface causing this. I've got a Presonus AudioBox in a brand-new system, originally running Reason 6, now 6.5, without a problem.
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So I increased the buffer rate to 1024 and turned the CPU usage limit to none. My problem now is that I'm having what I think are latency issues, not sure if this is the correct term. I'm unable to record accurately now, and when I'm recording using my akai, there is lag from on the click, and the sound coming from my akai. Basically it's not matching up anymore.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with my computer as well. Older 08 Macbook w/ only 2 gigs of ram. Unfortunately I can't drop 1500 on a new Macbook right now.

Any suggestions?
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You may very well need a new computer. I'm still using my 3 year old Compaq Presario CQ60, 2gigs RAM and the same thing happens to me too. Not as much but if you've tried diagnosing everything else to no avail.... it's your computer. I know that's bad news. Unfortunately I can't afford a new one yet either and fear the day it stops working!
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A cheap 'fix' that will massively improve performance is to get a Solid State Drive.
You will want to keep it even after getting a new computer!

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