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Balance and unbalanced active monitors


I plan on buying Balance but can not afford to get new monitors at the same time so for the time being I plan on hooking it to what I have now: poor man's Creative M80 sort-of-monitors with unbalanced RCA inputs. The question: is it okay to "unbalance" the Balance's outputs by using mono TRS (well, that'd be TS, I guess) to RCA cables? I'm aware that by doing it, I'd be essentially grounding the "-" (negative) half of the signal at Balance's output stage. Is it okay or I'm risking of borking the (un)Balance's output here and I should get the proper pair of (balanced) monitors first instead? I don't have an access to Balance operation manual - does it say anything about that?

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You should be okay. Over the years I've hooked many monitors up using many combinations of amps and adapters. The only time I've had a problem was with inadequate cable (too small gauge and improperly shielded, which was easily fixed).


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Thanks for the advise. My Balance has arrived today and I've hooked it like I described - everything seems fine and sounds great!

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I've actually looked around the web, couldn't find a lot on my specific needs... there's a couple of links on the Jensen site but that's about all. I'm looking through your site now, there's a couple of things that may suit me there I think.

Basically I'm just making a monitor switch.. I'll attempt a diagram below...

CD player-->bal-circuit->--\.................................../-->hedphn amp
DAW output->--------------/....................................\-->monitors

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