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Old 2012-11-03, 03:31
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Learning to play ..... Again!

Every so often I get the strong urge to have another crack at learning to play keyboards/ piano. Usually something starts me off like seeing someone else play, or getting a new synth (in this case it's Antidote) that makes me hungry to learn again. But I always struggle with this. In the past I've taken piano lessons, bought books on music theory, scales, chords etc, tried self teaching, ear training (which i was pretty good at up to a point) But I never seem to get anywhere! I get a lot of the theory but I seem to have a mental block putting it into practice! Ive tried learning scales/chords but I end up making music I don't like!

So what to do! Ultimately I'd like to be able to transcribe ideas I get in my head. But I'd love to be able to play with even a basic level of confidence as well. I feel I need a new approach though as piano lessons learning 'merrily we roll along' and 'Michael row your boat ashore' bored me senselessly + I just didn't feel like I was really anything! Any thoughts, ideas, advise, pearls of encouragement please? Or is it just that some people are not meant to do this kind of thing?

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Old 2012-11-03, 06:34
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Well why don't you start by learning to play songs you actually like?

When I first picked up the guitar, I started by learning my favorite AC/DC licks, not some boring folk tunes. That kept me going.
Old 2012-11-03, 07:10
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Have you tried using scale and chord tools on a smart phone / tablet?
Old 2012-11-03, 07:26
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Originally Posted by RXTX View Post
Well why don't you start by learning to play songs you actually like?.
I've tried playing some Boards of Canada and other electronic stuff I like ..... With limited success! It's a bit of a skill to do that I think. Unless of course you have some actual music notation to follow. But you're right. I guess I should spend more time trying to do this.

Originally Posted by Persk View Post
Have you tried using scale and chord tools on a smart phone / tablet?
I've got a few on my iPad. Some of those are good but I end up coming up with stuff that I guess is musically 'correct' but that doesn't do much for me personally. Getting the music in my head down is what I've always tried to do. But without more musical skills it's difficult to do. Guess I'm trying to run before I can walk! I'm always looking for shortcuts and cheats
Old 2012-11-03, 15:10
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I've picked up the keyboard in the last year, (after a lifetime of playing guitar so I did have a starting point) but the things that helped me the most were, a) finding some songs that were good to play, but manageable and b) finding youtube tutorials.

I started with trouble by Coldplay (i don't like coldplay, but it's simple and pleasing to play)

Then moonlight sonata by Beethoven (1st movement), nice and slow, but you get the hang of moving around the keyboard and there are a million tutorials on youtube

Then 'The way it is' by Bruce Hornsby

I've found the key to get started is to identify a song that you like, or at least would like to play, which is fairly simple, find a youtube tutorial, then bang your head against it for a couple of months

Shop around for good youtube tutorials too, some guys do them really well, a complete breakdown bit by bit

Once you can play something you like, you'll feel an urge to play, and then things get rolling
Old 2012-11-03, 20:50
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I have been doing the same thing recently.

All I have done is find a decent keyboard bit I fancy having a crack at and finding the midi file online. Import it into reason and delete all the other tracks then enter the key editor and work out what keys I need to press and when

Then i check on youtube or something as to how to finger the chords and where to tuck or jump.

Then its just a case of doing each hands parts over and over and over again and before you know it your impressing the cat.

Repeat with next song you take a fancy to.

Because I am old I have been learning the intro to Bohemian Rhapsody recently - which is a challenge....

I started with "Is it mine" by Supertramp which is a really lah lah lah kinda song but has a piano part with a very tight left and right hand - both of which are quite easy to play. Managing to get this sort of thing together with left and right properly co-ordinating took months, but all of a sudden more complex parts are much less daunting.
Songs are never complete, only abandoned.

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Old 2012-11-03, 21:18
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Now I get why you want midi out so bad!

Did someone already made the Kessel Run with less than twelve Parsecs?

Loading SoundCloud…
Old 2012-11-04, 19:47
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Just listened to this....nice
Old 2012-11-07, 02:40
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The most difficult thing about an instrument is execution (neuromuscular efficiency through Integrative function due to the proprioceptive environment), I played drums for years, same rudiments every day for hours and years (the neighbors were sick of me). Needless to say playing wasn't a task, jump on the throne and go ...Ideas in my head , songs on the radio, playin' with bands...Easy! Because, my muscular skeleton was in shape due to this repetitive activity and development of all the above medical vernacular.

Well then I wanted to learn guitar, ooooooohhh shit what's this? Repetition all over again!!! All those big medical words which really equate to only ONE thing ...Years of practice!
I do understand why 20 percent of students I had teaching drums simply gave up. The kind of mechanoreceptor endurance it takes isn't for everyone.

Sooooooo, I've been studying music and guitar theory for two years, studied forming chords and scales, the science of melody and how to create great songs. Even the best techniques for creating hooks and riffs. Yes, I practice regularly and enjoy it.
All that knowledge is great. I enjoyed every bit of info and every exercise I embarked on to be a guitarist... But it doesn't help much if you can't execute.
That's what it boils down to...I could teach music theory effectively, but if they gave me a guitar it would be obvious I didn't start when I was 14. I started the guitar at 42.
My execution has gotten better (so there is a bright side) but I agree it is frustrating when your execution (that medical mumbo jumbo) isn't up to the tune at hand (or in your head). Keep at it!
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Old 2012-11-07, 12:32
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Good post, Zillis. Practic males perfect. That's the hard cold truth of the matter! I really need to put the time in to get this ........

........ Not that I really have the time these days. But when I did I didn't put the time in! Always looking for the short cut and learning to run before I can haul myself off the ground! Not so bad I suppose. But it hasn't really got me anywhere. I've always tried and failed ..... I keep thinking of Yoda!! 'do or do not, there is no try'. The little green one was right!

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