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Computer Too Slow - Why?

Can someone please help me.

I'm running Reason 6.5 and it only requires 1 GB or ram but for some reason, my 6GB ram can't run it.
I use to run Reason 6 just fine on my computer when I had 2GB and now after I upgraded to 6.5 it won't let me do anything.

Please help me!!!

Here's my spec's...
  • Manufacturer: Pegatron
  • Form factor: Mini-ITX form factor: 17 cm (6.7 inches) x 20 cm (7.9 inches)
  • Chipset: AMD Hudson-D1 FCH
  • Memory sockets: 2 x DDR3
  • Front side bus speeds: 4 lanes, 2.5 GT/s per lane UMI (Unified Media Interface)
  • Processor socket: Not applicable because the processor is soldered down to the motherboard
  • For more details, see Bluewood3 motherboard specifications .

Processor information
  • AMD Fusion E300 (Zacate) Dual Core processor soldered down on the motherboard
  • TDP: 18W
  • Socket type: Not applicable

NOTE: The processor cannot be upgraded because the processor is soldered down to the motherboard.

4 GB
  • Amount: 4 GB
  • Speed: PC3-10600 MB/sec
  • Type: DDR3-1333

Memory upgrade information
  • Single channel memory architecture
  • Two 240-pin DDR3 UDIMM sockets
  • Supports DDR3 UDIMMs
    • PC3-6400 (800 MHz)
    • PC3-8500 (1066 MHz)
  • Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered
  • Supports up to 4 GB on 32-bit* systems
  • Supports up to 32 GB on 64-bit systems (with 16 GB UDIMMs)

NOTE: 32-bit systems cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memory

Video graphics
Integrated graphics
Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed
  • Integrated graphics: Radeon HD 6310
  • DVI and VGA output ports (both ports can be used at the same time)

Integrated Realtek ALC662 Audio
*Integrated audio is not available if a sound card is installed.
  • Realtek ALC662 CODEC

LAN: 10-Base-T
  • Interface: Integrated into motherboard
  • Technology: Atheros AR8152
  • Data transfer speeds: up to 10/100 Mb/s
  • Transmission standards: 10-Base-T Ethernet

Hard drive
500 GB
Figure 2: Hard drive
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What version are running, 32bit o 64? 32bit will only use about 3.5gb of the ram + you are running intergrated graphics which will hog your ram, you are also using system resources for your audio by the looks of it.
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Additional question, which seemed silly to me at the time:

How much of your hard disk is filled? What percentage capacity are you running at?
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Also what type? SSD? hard disc? 5400rpm or 7200rpm?
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This is a notebook processor, see
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Memory has little to do with the "computer too slow" error. It's all about the processor load (and possibly disk usage if you're using tons of samples). Your CPU can't keep up.

Make sure you're using 6.5.1 and not 6.5 which had some bugs causing slowdowns. Also try increasing the buffer size (Edit->Preferences->Audio) or using another sound driver to lighten the load on the processor.

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