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Talking Audio to MIDI

This is a feature that I've wanted to use for a long time. I think it would make a really nice feature to add to the Reason 7 features list.

We've seen it before in UJAM, Cubase, and even Live. Why can't we have it?
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Isn't this possible allready with the Neptune? Pitch analyzed audio -> Pitch CV
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not polyphonic audio though..

Melodyne RE - YES PLEASE!
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I've suggested in a few recycle threads that reason run it similar to live.
Right click on audio - select 'slice audio to rex track'
Then reason will automatically detect the transients and import the slices to a DR rex track

This would be a big feature for reason to have in my opinion. Or maybe props would prefer to do a REcycle that does this but honestly it would be better implemented with in the daw like i said above.

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