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Old 2012-11-09, 17:08
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Change browse location logic for "Save As..." dialog

I have a problem with reason which occurs in the following scenario:

First I save "song1/some_project.reason" and then I open "song2/another_project.reason". Say I want to save the current project as "another_project_2.reason", then when I click "Save As..." reason opens the "song1" folder, which was the folder I last saved a project in.

When I click "Save As...", I would like reason to open the folder the current project was opened from. I often save projects with increased version numbers, and sometimes I forget to double check what folder I'm in and the file could end up anywhere.

I would be very happy if this could be fixed! I can't see why someone would dislike this change, but if so, please explain why.

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