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Old 2012-11-16, 15:16
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Exclamation Propellerhead PLEASE listen to me!!!! "RECORD automation into one note clip"

I am one of them who have to chose "Record automation into note clip"

It work just fine bute now the problem is that nearly every RE-FX automation goes out in separate layers.

It means that i still have to have it spread all out over the Reason and i **** hate it!

I love to work with as many instrument/fx as possible when im creating music. Keep it clean please!!!!

I hope propellerhead listen to me because im not the only one complaing about this "i hope"

I hope they fix so there will be more opportunities to make groups, hide, layers etc.

Thank you!


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Old 2012-11-16, 15:25
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Sorry about your "1" key being broken, but I agree. Automation clip lanes suck majorly and quickly take up far too much real estate. I'd rather if Reason created a single separate note lane and put the automation in clips there the same way, "combined", as in regular note clips. So at least we could decide when we want automation to take up the entire screen, by double clicking the clips...
Old 2012-11-16, 18:19
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I totall agree. This is another thing they should consider for Reason 7.
Old 2012-11-16, 18:50
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i personally quite like the automation lanes as a way of quickly draging the same automation over other parts/controls.
Although they can become a little hectic when you've got loads all over the show....

If you could right click and choose an option say.....

'consolidate automation to clip'

then that would be a very useful feature.

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Old 2012-11-16, 18:55
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Perhaps as collapsible sub-lanes (as with additional MIDI lanes, etc., per channel) so one doesn't have to go into full edit mode to edit them.
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Old 2012-11-16, 20:39
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Yes that woud be something!

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