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Midi to music sheet

I would be nice to be able produce the music sheets within Reason. The are a few older programs that had this feature... Cakewalk comes to mind.

This feature would be very helpful to register your music. When doing so you are required to present the music sheets for the songs in paper (which can be a real pain in the neck).

Thank you guys, Reason 6.5 is awesome, keep up the good work!
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Just a simple 'export music sheet' to a pdf would do for this I think and could be of use to some people. Would help me if I had to give a session player their part
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Note that even the good programs don't output "correct" notes, written as a human usually would. Can be even more embarrassing to hand out some computer generated sheet where the musician is all like "wtf" than just saying you can't write scores and just give him a chord sheet or something.
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Like I said, this feature would be useful when registering your music, legal wise. And who says good programs don't output the right notes?. I remember using cakewalk 5, it's midi-to-music feature sheet was top notch.
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Sibelius appears to be the favored software for doing notation from Reason’s exported midi files. Reason may have notation after the 973 priorities above it are covered.

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