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Cant access my account

I recently bought a new computer and i am trying to transfer reason 4 to my new computer. I cant access my old account because i do not remember the login information and the email account it was under got shut down by AOL for some reason. I have the paper copy of the key to prove that i own it, it is also still running on my old laptop.

I also have the record/reason 5 upgrade that i would like to attach to my account so that i can upgrade to reason 6 in a couple of days, but this is also not possible because i need access to my old account.

Is there anything you guys can do to help me out?

I am posting from a new account i made to try and see if i could register record/reason 5 but it told me i needed to register reason before i could do so.
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Contact support & show them your key & photo of it & then they'll find your account in data base & I think they'll solve a problem!
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Mate/George is of course spot-on. Here’s the scoop from this page: egistration_faq -

I've lost my license number. What do I do?
So, you've lost your license number? Here's what you can do to get a replacement number from our distributor or us:
§ Have you registered the license number to your user account? All your registered license numbers can be found in the "My registered products" section of your user account.
If not:
§ Do you have parts of the license number? Send it to us.
§ Dig out your receipt. If you've bought it in a store, contact them or contact the local distributor. We are not responsible for any sales that take place in stores.
§ Do you have an old song-file that you've made in Reason? We can extract the license number from that song. Please send it to us in a zip.
§ Send us pictures that verify your possession of the software.
Send this to Customer Care.

I had a similar situation three years ago and wrote Customer Care; give them your old email address as well if you can but the pic described should do. They had me up and running in three days.
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You really don't need the record/reason 5 licenses to upgrade to 6/6.5 - what you need is your original reason version base license.

the upgrade cost is the same whether you upgrade from reason1 or reason5 - and you can skip over versions, because the 'upgrade' is only a pricing and license thing - the actual software you get will be a complete new version (i.e. it fully replaces any previous version, as opposed to adding on to a previous version installation).

if you started at reason4, then that will be your base license.

if you still have the old computer (laptop it is still running on) then open reason 4, and look in help >> about reason which will show you your license number.

if you never registered reason to your old account, you can use that reason4 license information to register under this new account.

otherwise, if you registered the license to your old account, you'll have to contact support and prove you own the software and either have them change the email on your old account and reset the password - or transfer your old license to this new account.

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I contacted them on the 30th and still havnt heard anything back......any ideas?
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so they might have it now for 2 work days.... they are not there on the weekend... send it again, and they should get back to you soon.
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Originally Posted by moneykube View Post
so they might have it now for 2 work days.... they are not there on the weekend... send it again, and they should get back to you soon.
by sending it multiple times it will actually take longer, since the messages get stacked somehow.

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