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Midi problem

I have a Xenyx 502USB Audio Interface/Mixer and an M-Audio Oxygen 61 key Midi Keyboard with Reason 6.5. For some reason, when I record midi on there, the note resonance that you hear through my headphones isn't what is being played back or recorded on the midi piano roll in Reason. I've had a couple of people trying to help me, and we're all baffled. No matter what I play on the keyboard, in the piano roll, the notes are all the same length (16th notes I think) and play back really sudden but in the places (timewise) I played them. I've tried clicking on the note length above the midi but nothing. Can't understand it. Probably just a simple unticking of a box or something but can anyone shed any light here?
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Edit -> Preferences -> Control surfaces tab -> if two of same controller listed: Delete one.
Pressing "PLAY" is NOT a live performance...
It's called "playback"

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