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Old 2012-12-07, 05:27
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Lightbulb combinator modulation routing (added option needed)

RPG-8 > Apreggio>
currently has synced rate and free rate

requires a couple of additional option
synced rate (no triplets)
synced rate (only triplets)

this addition will be useful in all other cases on all other devices where sync rate is being programmed for control
Old 2012-12-07, 14:10
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Are you the "feature suggestion robot" ?
I see that you have posted nothing but feature suggestion constantly.
About 100 in 6 months I would guess. ?

Can you take a break?
Very many of your suggestions are: impractical/impossible or just you not knowing how the program works.
They are also kind of poorly titled and thought out so, I'm not sure what will ever come of that.

I know I will get flamed for this but, if you use a software that makes you feel the need to post over 100's of feat. sugg's a year then, maybe you are using the wrong software?

This is NOT the first time someone said this to you, either.
Not saying you shouldn't ever make suggestions but, maybe a bit of self-filtering?
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