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Reason 6.5.2 build

Hi All,
I'm new to Reason and was wondering how I could tell if the downloaded R6 update is later than what I just installed from the box disk.
From disk and current install details are, 6.5 Build 2,615.

Is the update I downloaded a later build?
I ask because it is a bit of a pain having to un-install the origonal to update if it isn't a significant update.

Thanks and best regards to all from Aus.

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Upon opening Reason, a squarish Reason window will flash, on the upper left, it will show, Reason 6.5.2, that's the indicator that you have the latest version.
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Hi and thanks for your reply.
Upon opening, I see 6.5 Build 2,615 not 6.5.2.
Am I up to date?
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Download R6.5.2 here: directly under the big Reason green logo. It’s a 3.3+ GB file because it includes the FSB/Ork.
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OK, will do thanks.
I'm assuming that the download is a later release.
I know I may be repeating myself, but no one actually said that the download was later than I already have installed.
New disk just purchased 2 days ago.

Thanks again.
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Although you only bought the disc a few days ago, it would probably have been authored at least a couple of months ago and 6.5.2 was only released a few weeks ago. I picked up a 6.5 upgrade disc for my son, and I believe that was the original 6.5 release, so he would probably download the update.

Essentially, 6.5.2 is a bug fix release, and there should be a fix list somewhere.

So: Simple answer, yes, it is a later version than you have on the disc.

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