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Problems with Low Pass Filter on SSL

I had posted this on the User Forum, but thought I should post it here, in case it needs to reach the Prop folks ears.

I'm doing some work using the Low Pass Filter on the EQ section of the SSL. Even though I can hear it cutting the highs, when I bring the file into Izotope RX, it shows frequencies all the way up to 20K. As an experiment, I created a Redrum, (no other instruments) created a random pattern, cut the Low Pass Filter all the way down and exported the song. I can hear the effect of the filter--it's definitely cutting frequencies, but it leaves residual frequencies way past 10K. Is this a bug? Thanks.
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I should add that I'm using 6.5, but I didn't see this listed as a bug fix on newer versions.
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I posted on your other thread...
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Originally Posted by TheFatControlleR View Post
I posted on your other thread...
I see what you did there

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