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Smile Mono Button

Could we add a Mono button, probably where I'm showing in the attached pic? It'd be useful for quickly checking mono compatibility. Just a brief thing you only use once in a while, like the Dim button.
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Combi courtesy of James Bernard: .
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Nice! Thank you!
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I second this suggestion, it should be built into the mixer.
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Originally Posted by dioxide View Post
I second this suggestion, it should be built into the mixer.
I would add that this, that if this feature IS added it should be on the Control Room output ONLY. No physical mixer has a mono switch on the main outputs, only on the MONITOR outputs. Putting it on the main outputs (or using a Combinator) can result in the potential for accidentally exporting mixes in mono. Putting it on the monitor path (like physical consoles) ensures this can never happen, and that's exactly why this feature is implemented that way.

PLUS, monitoring in mono is best done on a single monitor, so you also need a way to cut one of the two stereo speakers when using mono mode (also common on physical consoles). :-)
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Surely you must be thinking of The Spector Effect. How about a button to make everything sound like it comes out of a Ghetto-Blaster? That's The Eno Effect, if you haven't guessed.
Go back to sub-mixing everything through the earlier mixers. You'll eventually get left with one Mixer Channel. Now look closer at what's there. Take off the spread, and, Hey Presto! Mono!
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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I was just about to post the same feature request.
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There is a Combinator but it just eats us processing. I have asked for this exact thing in the exact place, just never drew an example so thanks for that. I hope the Props see this request because we NEED it.
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