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Notepad to write down ideas

Hey hey!

I would appreciate an included notepad for every projektfile, where I can quickly write down my Ideas for the track.
Whenever I create a new Instrument Reason should automaticly create a new passage for this instrument.
This would make working and remembering Ideas much easier for me!

PS: Sorry my english isn't that good, I hope you all understand what I mean ;-)!
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Good idea... we need another tool for the rack !! This is very helpful for people who work at night and need to keep notes on what they intend of doing the next day or so..

Very simple and useful tool much needed !
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Good idea, sounds like it would be very organised as well...probably be situated in a drop down menu?
At the moment you can use the song info tab to scribble down important notes and what not or do what I do and get an actual note pad and pen out or iPhone notes lol
But it's a good idea to have it organised and within reason for sharing purposes... collaborators, remixers and what not but most just add a read me file for now
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Yep, Digital Performer has this and I loved that function. You could make comments for each channel basically. Super-handy as else you have a notepad or something open anyway, theres *always* stuff to remember during a production
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While working on a track you can just use the "Song Info" to take notes. So right now there already is a small notepad there.
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Originally Posted by djjams View Post
While working on a track you can just use the "Song Info" to take notes. So right now there already is a small notepad there.
That's what I do at the moment. It'd be nice to have something a bit more comprehensive (maybe tucked away in the F8 "Tools" menu?).
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Pro-tools also has a little comments section at t'bottom of the channel on the mixer.
Nice touch.

Perhaps you could right click on the mix device and an option for device/channel notes appears in the pop up menu?

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