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Old 2013-01-12, 00:32
arnoleri arnoleri is offline
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Is there a way to convert the arpeggiator triggered notes to midi?

I was wondering if there is there a way to convert the arpeggiator triggered notes to midi. That would be really nice
Old 2013-01-12, 00:34
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Honestly i think no, i have never managed to do it and im +1 on that! Come up with some cool things some times that i wish i could just send to the Sequencer .)
Old 2013-01-12, 00:47
n0ahg n0ahg is offline
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Right click and Copy Pattern to Track
Old 2013-01-12, 00:50
arnoleri arnoleri is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
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For some reason I don't see that as an option...
Old 2013-01-12, 02:00
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Originally Posted by arnoleri View Post
For some reason I don't see that as an option...
Does it have a track?
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Old 2013-01-12, 02:05
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That's what the manual says:
1. First, record some notes in the sequencer.
The Arp track should be selected when recording as usual.
2. Set the left and right locators to the desired range or length.
If the range set is longer than the arpeggio pattern(s), the data will be repeated to fit the range.
3. Select the sequencer track that the RPG-8 is connected to, i.e. the target track, not the “Arp” track.
4. Select the RPG-8 device you wish to copy the arpeggio(s) from in the rack.
5. Select “Arpeggio Notes to Track” from the Edit menu or the RPG-8 device context menu.
Now notes will be created on the target device track between the left and right locators, according to the selected arpeggio.
6. Mute the Arp track originally used to generate the arpeggio. If you now activate playback from the transport the arpeggio will play back as note data (the RPG-8 is inactive).
If you enter sequencer Edit mode for the target device track, you can freely edit the arpeggio notes.

(Page 949)
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Old 2013-01-12, 02:14
arnoleri arnoleri is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 24
Oh nice! Thank you both! I really need to read the manual when I have time.

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