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Old 2013-01-13, 03:35
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Made This Whole Album Exclusively Using Record 1.5

Cryptic Beats - BMAN

One question: Do you think the "maximizer" on Record 1.5 is adequate for mastering? I've heard people say that Reason doesn't have a "serious limiter."
BMAN | Ill Kid Family
Old 2013-01-13, 04:45
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I took a listen to "The Message Is Clear". It was pretty good. One thing though the lead synth right off the bat at times pierces a bit. Nothing a tiny bit of EQ can fix.

I can't help you to much on the maximizer question. If it's the mclass maximizer it does the job fine for me. I wish maybe there was a tiny bit more to it. Anything that is lacking for me is my skill at engineering and mixing/mastering the sound not the maximizer.

For Reason 6.5 there is a Rack Extension for a maximizer that's $80.

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