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Behind All The Green

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Just wrote this one, I would love some feedback on it - any feedback welcome!

Thanks for listening,

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Hi Liam

My personal opinion:
- I like your vocals - you have a great voice.
- I like the guitar work - nice sound and nicely played.
- I don't like the piano - It's possibly the recording, but for me, it's not fitting into the mix well in this track. I think your mixing is better in your other tracks.

I'm "following" you now - I am interested to see where you go with your music. While your music is more acoustically oriented (so to speak), I'd be keen to hear some electric piano, and/or maybe some electronic strings/pads for subtle harmony or something. Certainly great potential - look forward to hearing more!

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Thank you for your honest feedback! May I ask out of curiosity what you listened on? I mixed this on headphones and liked it but I never got to listen on anything else yet!

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Maybe that is why the sense of space seems odd in this. I am feeling the voice is far too sparse and the piano sounds like it comes from another place (oh geez that guitar sounds like it owes some to Dave Gilmour).

Not really my thing (only because it doesn't grab me) but there is an audience for this when you get it balanced up right.

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The piano could be more upfront. Otherwise I like the song.
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Okay thanks, I listened to the song in a few other locations. To be honest I wanted a distant, crappy sounding piano that is what I was going for...maybe eq'ing it and giving it a bit more space in the mix would help...thanks for the feedback!
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I found your song mysterious and I enjoyed how everything tied together.
You might like this:

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Ah this one is nice!

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