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Old 2013-01-23, 16:05
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Lightbulb What do you think about Artists/Producers with multiple stage names

Do you think its a good idea to have multiple stage names if you're trying to focus on a certain personality to your style of music?

Say that your music usually has a deep emotional feel to it but suddenly you want to create dirty filthy in your face style music as well, would you prefer to also release this style of music under your current stage name that is usually associated with deep emotional music? or would you feel its better to create a separate stage name for the dirty filthy music?

In fact, this is exactly what my situation is...

Any ideas??
Old 2013-01-23, 16:36
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Makes sense, IMO, if you produce differing genres.
Total numpty doin' his own thing for the craic and relaxation - it's cheaper than a therapist, and more satisfying.
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Old 2013-01-23, 16:49
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I've been pondering this issue for ages, I'm in a similar situation and not sure which way to go.
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Old 2013-01-23, 19:38
DjVinnie91 DjVinnie91 is offline
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Different pseudonyms isn't a bad thing when you make different styles.

Imagine if you'd suddenly hear a metal rock song from Tiesto ...
That would be weird

But if he'd do that under another name, it would be more like, hey that guy with that other name is also Tiesto. -Whoa that's cool

Kinda like Pendulum and Knife Party. Pendulum for DnB and Knife Party for Dubstep
Old 2013-01-23, 19:57
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If you change your sound a bit from album to album its ok with only one name.

Do whatever you want to do. Its your music, keep it "YOU".
Old 2013-01-23, 22:47
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Wink Good Thread

I use two artist names: 'Standby Ghost' (which is my oldest, primary name) and 'Bixc' (which I came up with recently). The difference for me is not about genre or even style, it's more like, WHO AM I?
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Old 2013-01-24, 18:14
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I think a person ought to do whatever they have planned in life. No rules in art but the ones you set for yourself.
Old 2013-01-24, 19:58
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Who cares. I have like 10 different names on this forum alone.

I'm rVOLT Matias Tincture and Billy McBride. I bet you didn't know that =)

lol jk

Why not? If you feel something you're doing shouldn't be labeled under the same name for ANY reason, give it a new title. Just look at how many music Genre's have been invented since 1999 =) Especially if you're trying to appeal to a different base.
Old 2013-01-24, 20:07
JeroenPost JeroenPost is offline
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I Tnink it also depends wich genre the music belongs to.
For example electronic music, I think it's no problem using diffrent names.

But when u make music and you as person have to perfom, people will recognize you face/voice.
That's where I realy shouldn't change my name..

I mean ... Snoop Lion? Come on man .. he made gangsta sh*t.. pimp sh*t.. love sh*t and pop sh*t by the name Snoop Dogg.
Why change the name for a little reggea thing?

And what about Prince and all his nicknames? I think it's confusing.

Just my opinion.
Old 2013-01-24, 20:22
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Snoop is actually being sued by the Rasta community for ripping them off lol
Check out Dave909

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