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Question How to make a "live crowd" in DAW?

Hi there,

I´m producing a song where a "fan crowd" has to scream a short name like it´s a huge live show.
But I did not have a huge live show

So my question is: Is there a way to make those things with a trick or something in Reason or Logic Pro?

On a older song we had have recorded 2 different voices a couple of times and layered it. Everybody thinks there are a few guys singing together. But it´s not as I need it for the new song.
I need "stadium-feeling" if you know what I mean.

So, anybody has an idea?

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probably the easiest way is to sample it.
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You mean a Refill with crowd-samples for example?
I know. But i need my OWN name. And I can´t find a sample with my name
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well, you could have some friends over, drink tons of Beer and then Record your name being screamed, by a couple of dudes over and over again. Of course you'll want some ladies in there aswell. Now record one track with your name and put it in the modulator of the vocoder, and some pink noise in the carrier. mix all of those tracks together and add Arena (or any other kind) Reverb to your liking.
You might have to experiment a bit with the pink noise, I've never actually tried it myself, but my audio engineering teacher back then has highly recommended it.
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I would also say that you have to record this. Keep the Mic one to to meters from the source because you don't want it to sound to close.
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sounds very nice, thanks.
I don´t know anything about the modulator of the vocoder but i hope i will find it out

i´ll try this in a few days and give response if it works for me.

Thank you guys
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Do what trent reznor of Nine inch nails does...

go out to a bar... and find a "happy bunch" of people. =)

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