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Old 2013-02-04, 13:19
electrofux electrofux is offline
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How do i install Reason 32bit on Win7 64 bit

I want to check out The Ableton/Reason/Rewire combi nad therefore i need the 32 bit version on my computer. But how do i force it to install it?
Old 2013-02-04, 13:28
electrofux electrofux is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 860
It might be desirable to run the 32-bit version even under a 64-bit OS (for example if you're using Reason with ReWire and a host that only supports 32-bit ReWire). Then, you can force the installer to install the 32-bit version in the following way:

Create a shortcut of the "Install Reason.exe" file.
Right-click the shortcut and select "Properties".
In the "Target" field, add " /32" (without quotes, keep the leading space) at the very end.
Click OK.
Double click the shortcut to run the Reason installer in 32-bit mode.

Got it :-)
Old 2013-02-04, 13:31
n0ahg n0ahg is offline
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This is covered in both the readme included with the installer and here online for completeness

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