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howto make a e-swing mix

i am leaving my ambient field for a while and going to make a e-swing titel.
i am not a pro in mix matching sampled things but i'll try hard.

are there any starter tips and tricks for me ?

btw: i have already selected samples i will use
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What is a e-swing mix? Google sendt me to this site:
Old swing combined with the sounds of tomorrow.. I see, sounds cool!

Regarding mixing I do not have the one and only answer.. I would start with sweeping every sample and cut the frequencies that sounds harsh. Then use the LPF and HPF on the mixer, and go from there. I would probably end up with 12 different mixes at the end of the day.
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The LUDA track sounded like a 58 to me! Kinda cool idea, like using something by artists like Cab Calloway with a newer swing and adding fresh elements to it!

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Something like this:
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Thumbs up

Aha, like from this...

... to this...

I'm partial to a bit of Cab, Jimmy & Tommy, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, et al myself.
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