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My pennies worth

1. Better compressor on mixer channel. Release time needs to be quicker.

2. Let go of recycle and add a slice audio to midi function on the sequencer. It could even be a slice and send to Dr Octo function.

Workflow needs improving

3. Please overhaul your browsing system to drag and drop for audio and patches to seq window and instruments

4. A small drag and drop tool strip that contains favicons of REs. I can populate it with my favourites.
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Agreed completely. Drag and drop is one i always forget about but in keeping with that, an mp3 option or an auto conversion tool for file types that might be "compatible" would be great too.

For post, a video track on some level is absolutely necessary. I don't want one that can be "reasonified" per se, just need something to view client videos so i don't have to rewire into another host DAW just to literally see picture. Reason Sync is cute but is a joke. Too much of a compromise, less of a proper solution.

Finally, groups / busses and the ability to export those in the bounce mixer channels section.
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Yes, group busses. Dreaming on the audio slice to midi. They ll never do that regardless of the fact that every other sequencer in the world does it. They want us to fork out another 250 bucks for a tool that sits outside of reason that is almost 15 years old. I used Recycle back in the nineties to send samples to a hardware sampler. Come on Propellerheads, it s not right and you know it. Add this feature to your flagship software.
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+1 for recycle (or something equivalent and better).

This for me is way more important than midi out. I only have a Microkorg XL which isn't getting used. (Although I would obviously love to be able to use it properly with reason)

But seriously if Props don't integrate recycle in some shape or form they should take a good hard look at themselves and then sit in the corner with a D hat on.
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