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New one from me and GeorgeFeb

Just a fun little side project over the weekend...Glitch-hop is something a bit different from what we've been writing previously.
If you enjoy this track then it's available as a free download (MP3)

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That's about it so hope you enjoy
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I like glitch hop. And this is good. Now make it a glitch hop trap song......

Check out mine and Lolomixes glitch hop remix of Tommie Sunshine and Bart Mores Body Work

Twitter @mcswervy

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This is pretty fantastic. The drums are absolutely out of control, in the best way possible.
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If you want to collab, reach me at:

Logical Pocket - Music fueled by biscuits.
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Thanks guys, Gaz put a lot of work for this one, I was just messing with the drums a little!
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Cheers for the comments guys! The drums were made even more awesome by George and his way of manipulation I do love his style and will be super excited when we release our EP
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Nice work. I like all the funny sounds you are making with the voices.
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That was amazing... not only glitchy as hell but also super catchy. Loved it.
New Pacific Deep track, Expire. Album out soon!

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