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Old 2013-02-24, 16:59
DjCastro79 DjCastro79 is offline
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Soul/Hip Hop Instrumental

Beat,Bass,Piano,Strings,Brass, Bells by Addicted2Tapes

Made with Reason&Korg
Old 2013-02-24, 23:40
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AnthonyMichaelAngelo AnthonyMichaelAngelo is offline
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Reverb the horns a little more and it's a solid beat. It don't stop.
Old 2013-02-24, 23:55
ghostdoggofnvf's Avatar
ghostdoggofnvf ghostdoggofnvf is offline
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Daaaammnnn ... that snare is banging! I agree with AnthonyMichaelAngelo - the horns could use some more reverb - although, I would also argue that maybe the horns you are using aren't the right ones.

The melodies and production are tight - but like the horns, I think a couple of other instruments just didn't have the right sound - I'm talking about one specific synth that I first heard at 0:25 - also another instrument that I can't really point out to you.

Hit me up if you wanna collabo - I think we could make some crazy music.

Old 2013-02-25, 03:50
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This track reminds me a bit too much of Dr. Dre's instrumental for Still Dre for me to comfortably say a whole lot about it, minus Still Dre's track having a plethora of repeated staccato notes and being perhaps 5-10 bpm faster. In case if you are not familiar with the track

I like the slower tempo vibe of your track though. The horns, as the other two have mentioned, are a bit too synth sounding, and as they also said reverb will fix this. I like the little guitar plinks in there. But I might also suggest turning up the bass track which would give the track a little more depth and umph. Otherwise, I would say with a little bit of tweaking you would have a pretty solid track man! Thanks for sharing this track!
Old 2013-02-25, 16:14
DjCastro79 DjCastro79 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Posts: 128
Same Piano Chords like still dre.

I ll fix the horns with more reverb.

tx for listening and your helpful thoughts
Old 2013-02-26, 01:29
carolinawoods2013 carolinawoods2013 is offline
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i knew id like it as soon as it dropped. cool smooth style . i can hear a female singing over it ...
Old 2013-02-26, 15:56
DjCastro79 DjCastro79 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Posts: 128
Originally Posted by carolinawoods2013 View Post
i knew id like it as soon as it dropped. cool smooth style . i can hear a female singing over it ...

Tx...and tx for taking time!
Old 2013-03-30, 03:55
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DUDE This track is clean!!! It gives inspiration to me as a listener.....Real smooth homie
Old 2013-03-30, 04:57
SoulElemental's Avatar
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Dope shit yo. Great feel and expression!
Old 2013-03-30, 05:55
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pastoreric pastoreric is online now
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Very nice man, you're definitely on the right track...I likes!!

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