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New synth-pop song by Flourish

Hi all!

Here's our latest track, 'Lip Service', which was recorded / produced / mixed / mastered in Reason 6.5!

Thanks for listening!
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Hey really liked the song Lip Service! Those synth licks were sick! You also have an excellent voice for this type of music.

Also really liked the track Higher. A little more "house" than I usually like but you pulled it off. The "never gonna stop" pre-chorus was really, really well done especially.
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Pretty good guys!

I get some Human League, A-ha vibes. Great sounds, straight out the 80's.
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I really like the vocal harmonies. Lyrics are fantastic. Sounds fabulous. Has an early Pet Shop Boys vibe to it. I love hearing new original synth-pop. Thanks for posting it!


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nothing but big thumbs up ! this could have been on the soundtrack of "drive" in my eyes

Love the eighties sound !

Cheers !
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