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Talking Electro Dance Tune and retro sounds


made this track for an upcoming EP of mine.
the EP is inspired by retro video game sounds, i guess.
this is the first single off the EP

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produced with reason 6.5
any type of feedback is welcomed, positive or negative.

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i love the main riff section dude. really catchy call and response with the bass and keys, and the decending sound followed by the mario-getting-a-mushroom sound makes it soo sweet
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thanks. was going for a warm song in this track.

took awhile to emulate that mario sound before the drop.
hah, gotta love thor.
twitter: @_drstrangelove

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What a fantastic track ! this just made my morning

thx ! keep it up !
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Sounds good. Around 2 minutes in it gets even better. Nice work.

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