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Old 2013-03-22, 20:18
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Cool after tracking a full band (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) what do you mix first??

I've always built the drum sound up then the rest of the mix around the drums.
My setup right now is:

1. Kick
2. Triggered Kick thru kong
3. Snare
4. Triggered Snare thru kong
5. hi tom
6. flr tom
7. two overheads
8. Direct in guitar left (into line6 amp modeler)
9. Direct in guitar right (into line6 amp modeler)
10. Direct in Bass (into line 6 bass amp modeler)
11. Vocals

My questions is, After recording what are your personal order of operations?
What tracks do you typically start with first?
Do you do dynamics first or EQ first?

If you are recording a full length album for a band what are you doing to keep the sound semi-uniform?

What separates your individual track leveling/EQing and Mastering.

When mastering are you typically working with the full drum kit?
during the mastering process are you doing 100% of the eq and mixing there and none in tracking?

BASICALLY I'm asking If you are recording a 6 or 7 song project, do you record everything and mix all at the mastering process or do you eq along the way?

Sorry for the wordy question!

Old 2013-03-22, 20:32
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derekjerome derekjerome is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 32

Here is one of the last tracks I recorded.

Presonus FP10 directly into Reason.

Recorded the drums in a non treated room
Direct lined the guitar and bass

I need some pointers to get my tracks sounding better and more professional

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