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Hey, as we already can render a mix channel to audio, now there only needs to be "turning the instruments and effects OFF" = Freeze

Reason 7.5 should introduce it to us, thank you!
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the only way I know to low some dsp the way it is now is to mute the track but not on the track from the mixer chanel (that dont change dsp) but to mute the track directly in the sequencer side mute on the left !

I think grouping will open new ways in this but I have no idears

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Theres an option to do that automatically in the bounce window
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There is the obvious work arounds . All of witch lead to one thing ( wanting a real freeze function) I've posted about this for years ... It's something I have wanted for a long long time.

It's a shame we won't see it in this next release .

My work flow is really awesome when I don't have to render or step away from creating .. Work arounds do one thing ... Kill the creative flow in the studio . C'MON PROPS!! give us what we need already ....
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Thumbs up Agreed

I just wanted to ask for a freeze track function myself, of course I looked for an existing thread first (and stumbled across this one).

I have a relatively old CPU now and with the introduction of Rack Extensions, a few very good, but CPU hungry algorithms made their way into the Reason universe. Let's take the TSAR-1 as an example. It sounds really, really good, but it *eats* my processor. If I had a one-click freeze function, I could easily make real use of it for all tracks I like.

Today I made a little experiment with a Uhbik G and a TSAR-1. Placed behind an already complex synth, this combo leaves no more room for anything else. It would be so much better, if I just could freeze it and wouldn't have to worry anymore about performance.

Here's how far I came, if you're interested:

Of course, I could bounce it to a new track. But the process to do so is a little clunky, compared to clicking one simple button. And then, making adjustments or changes... it's just not a good workflow for cases like this without a proper freeze function. Technically, you should have everything required already built into the software.
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Yes, since RackExtension are here I hardly can build a complete song because I often reach the CPU limit with only one or two sounds. Yes, I like building complex sounddesigns

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