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Question "Freezing" mixer channels Reason 6.5

hi beautiful people

as I see there is a very similar topic "Bounce to mixer channels Reason 6.5" but I my question is little bit different , I've just begun to play with Antidote and as I see four or five (depends on the patch) of them can kill my COREi7, so the Million Dollar question for today: what is the easiest or official method in Reason to freeze track(s), I've created a video about it, in it I'd like to freeze out the lead tracks (for example), to do it I've combined the in-line mixers into a mixer track and checked its out as rec source, then I've added an audio track and recorded the mixer out, is it the correct way, have I left anything out?

ps. sorry for the melody I've just begun to work with it

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Unfortunately there is no freeze tracks feature in reason at this time. I think the best you could do would be to bounce to a separate audio track and then mutet the original. But if there's a better way I'm sure someone will post!
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