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Cool Record Matrix whilst tweaking it


How do l record the Matrix note sequencer whilst l tweak it live? I want to record every note it plays and hear it played back to me.

I don't just want to hear the current note sequence, l want to hear every change l made whilst l was recording.

I guess what l'm really saying is: I want to record "What U Hear" as live MIDI notes from Matrix, whilst l tweak it live.

I have just discovered this workflow:

1. Create Matrix utility
2. Right click on Matrix ---> Copy pattern to track
3. Press the "Record Enable" button (the red dot) on the little replica Subtractor panel at the bottom left of the Reason window, in the recording area
[4. Press the "Loop" button at the bottom of the Reason window]
5. Press the Record button at the bottom of the Reason window
6. Change the Matrix patterns in the pattern bank as per your desires

It is ostensibly not possible to just record "What U Hear" as live MIDI notes from Matrix. You can only record pattern by pattern from the Matrix pattern bank.

Is there any way to record "What U Hear" as live MIDI notes from Matrix, whilst l tweak it live?

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First check to see what parts are Automatable. You may find that not everything can be automated (too many variables to make it viable) and then create a Track for it, hit Record and wibble away.

The Manual is also a good place to start - under Help Menu

You know that you can Bounce a Pattern to Sequencer? This allows you to play with your pattern using full sequencer features. Not the same as a hands-on-knob-twiddle but...

If you don't get all you want then look into some of the CV RE units in the Shop as there is a lot of power to be had there. The Set Controller thingee makes a nice Master Controller unit if you set things up right.

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Hiya, l've checked the manual and it does not give me the information l need.

Can you give me step by step instructions on just recording a continuously evolving set of MIDI notes scribbled onto Matrix whilst it is playing live (connected to Subtractor or something of course)?
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I just told you what to do but I think that what you want is not doable so no matter how hard you try you won't make your square peg fit.

If you must do this then I suggest that you look at another method like using one of the many CV options that Reason has (again suggested before).

Or a new idea is to simply do your do and record that to an audio track. Once Reason 7 is among us then the editing will probably appeal to you greatly.

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Hiya. You were / are vague. No offence, but l have no idea how to solve my problem.

On second thoughts, my problem is actually very complex - more than meets the eye.

I want to record live, evolving, non-repeating melodies via Matrix. I want to record them as MIDI notes. Somehow, Reason will have to recognise that l'm messing around with a Matrix pattern whilst recording it, and thus make the instrument being recorded not Matrix anymore, but a second kind of Matrix that isn't pattern-based. It feeds off the original pattern-based Matrix that we all know, but what it displays is the actual notes that were played through that original Matrix.

If a loop area is selected for recording, then no problem, the recording will always be feeding off the original pattern-based Matrix in any case. The second Matrix will simply record the notes that ended up being played.

As the second Matrix will act as one long piano roll, then there is no need for the recording area to be a piano roll too, it could be the waveform of the actual sound produced by the original Matrix-[Subtractor or other instrument] combination. Or if no instrument is connected to the original Matrix, then there could be a blank space. The second Matrix keeps the record of the MIDI note sequence, as a piano-roll.


Original Matrix = "Pattern" Matrix

Second Matrix = "Live" Matrix, recording all MIDI notes played at time cursor point on the Pattern Matrix, as one long piano roll, for as long as the recording continues

Recording section = Waveform of the Pattern Matrix + Instrument (e.g. Subtractor) combination, or blank if nothing is connected to the Pattern Matrix. Remember, the Live Matrix will already have a record of any live MIDI note sequencing.

Extra option: Ability to link the Live Matrix to any new instrument and render the waveform right away. Then when "Record" is pressed, the waveform recording continues from the time cursor on the Pattern Matrix for that instrument.

Extra option: Parts of any Live Matrix can be copied and pasted into any pattern on any Pattern Matrix

### What does anybody think of this solution? Good idea? Does anybody think it should be implemented into Reason? Or can it actually already be done on Reason somehow?
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If what you're trying to accomplish is just recording MIDI events on two (or more) devices at the same time, it simply boils down to having sequencer tracks created for all devices you want to record at once, have each sequencer track armed for recording, and locking a hardware controller device to each of the devices you desire to control.

If you were an octopus with 8 hardware controllers locked to 8 different devices with 8 sequencer tracks armed, you could record all 8 devices at the same time.

Is this what you're trying to do or am I misunderstanding you? Sometimes it's difficult to make out the Klingon/Elvish in these parts.

I'd strongly suggest you spend time at Propellerhead's YouTube channel and watch both the Basic and Deep tutorials, as well as the microtutorials and 52 Reason/Record tips.
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