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A Larger, Polyphonic Matrix Seq

This would be a simple device to create..and would be a great help with drums, etc.

It should also be at least 2 RU's tall.

Also have individual outs for the lanes
Old 2013-04-21, 20:29
DynamicDontPanic DynamicDontPanic is offline
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Also it would be nice to be able to print Matrix note by note, to a recording channel, instead pattern by pattern. Then also accept copy from the recording channel and paste back into Matrix.
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ojmsn4544 ojmsn4544 is offline
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+1 Ive been begging for this for years. If someone could make a Drum matrix/Geist style RE I would be set. Would finally have a RE worth buying. It would make Reason my go to DAW I still feel like I need to work outside of it to get the results I want sometimes.

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