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Authorize Computer and Keys

Authorize Computer and Keys is not working!

How can I do?
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same here , stuck on props site " Waiting For Authorizer To Start " about 10 min & still waiting Help!
Edit: cancel that run with internet verification , works , try that jative
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same here , stuck on props site " Waiting For Authorizer To Start " about 10 min & still waiting Help!

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Had the same problem authorizing to my computer. Took the advice from above and updated to IE 10 and it worked straight away! Hope this is of some help.
Not very impressive Propellerhead. It would be nice to see an apology somewhere.

Anyway, I've free'd up a USB. Bye bye dongel. Time to have a play!
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This is pathetic. I waited a half an hour for the "authorizer" to upgrade my reason 6.5 to reason 7. Nothing. For a bunch of computer programmers, u would think they would have foreseen things like this occurring.
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Same problem here!
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i had this problem to but got past it by opening up Reason 7 ( for the first time once ) and quitting, then trying again with the dongle not connected.. Works great now!
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Same problem here. Installed latest Codemeter runtime from WIBU, Codemeter is working fine and shows the old Reason Essentials 1.5 license. Also the Codemeter Control Center shows it's activated.
All I get is the same endless loop 'Waiting For Authorizer To Start'. Switching browsers didnt help either. Very annoying!
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I had to remove expired RE trials from the ignition key before anything would authorise.

At least thats what I think fixed it.
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same problem i hame seen no option to delete current registered products to update to new will not authorize computer or keys

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