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Old 2013-05-09, 12:10
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Who likes chilled serotonin spikes? Look no further

Hey guys, in Brisbane right now its been absolutely amazing weather with clear skies and 20 degree temperatures and thats inspired me to release my latest track, so enjoy the sunny day and enjoy this track! Much love as usual!
Old 2013-05-09, 16:03
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I've got to say, on my speakers, the mix sounded quite muddy in the lower mids and the there was a lack of treble/distinctness in the overall sound. Also, I felt that the sidechaining, particularly at the start was too pumping, sounding quite odd. I admit that that's something of a taste issue as I dislike heavily pumping sidechaining. Sorry that these are some negative comments but the are intended constructively.

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Old 2013-05-10, 09:30
Emada Emada is offline
Join Date: Nov 2012
Posts: 94
Sorry it didn't please my man, I think the muddiness has something to do with the kind of mastering I put over the track and the sidechaining was deliberate, sorry bro, I try to make my music really different but you can't please everyone.
Thanks for the feedback!

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