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Black Lights!

So - this is a song about losing your shit on LSD while listening to Pink Floyd. It's in an MGMT/M83 mode. It's made all in Reason.

I've sent it out to get mastered but am just feeling like I like my mix better - I think it rocks more.

Would love some Reason love and feedback regarding the mixes. The first one is me, the second one is from my Mix/Master guy.

And thank you in advance! I really do appreciate every bit of feedback!


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You really can't tell. Both of them sound almost the same.
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Sounds like you didn't use as much compression on your mix as he did, so to me the instruments stand out better in your mix. His drums have more weight but a little too much for me. And the vocals in his mix aren't as drowned out by the rest of the sound. If I were you, I'd keep your mix and tweak it.

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