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Some R7 questions

hi all

I'm starting my second mix entirely done in R7

so far it feels really good and smooth and R7 might easily become my to-go DAW for mixing in the future

I've got a couple of questions:

- can I tell R7 NOT to copy the files once I save the session? apparently it does copy the files for every session you save with the same song.

- what's the easiest way to set a certain point and playback from there all the time? you know..something you do a lot when mixing... keep in mind I'm handling consolidated files that start from 0

- is there a way to zoom out the Sequencer area entirely in 1 click?

thanks for nowow
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- Go to file, Song Self Contain Settings. There you can link/un-link your samples and save them somwhere else

- Ctrl click, or Alt click on the time line sets your L & R markers. I normally just set my L marker then hit numeric pad 1

- Not sure... but holding shift+ctrl and scrolling (middle mouse) zooms horizontally. Ctrl and scroll wheel zooms vertically

That would be really handy, one click zoom out...
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Thanks Nymph!
so this confirms that Reason doesn't have "regular" markers where you can set multiple ones to specific points in the song..
I wonder if I can achieve that with blocks..dividing the song into blocks and reach them in one click...during mixing is very common to jump from section to section or set a single section to loop ...

but I'm not familiar with Blocks yet
while I look into it, any brief idea if this is possible?
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dont have to use blocks, enough if u create a fake midi track put same empty midi blocks into it then labeliz e them ( bottom of the page )
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To my knowlege that functionality does not exist. In other daws is named Markers, and you can quikly access them with keys 1,2,3,4...

At this moment in Reason you can only have 3 markers and advance to 0.

So, 0, Left Marker (1), right Marker (2) and i don't remember how you go to the end marker.

Other thing that annoys me is the fact that you do not have punch in and punch out for loop markers. As a performer recording alone this is a quite handy functionality.
Good Luck,
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thank you all fellas

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