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Old 2013-08-20, 18:52
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Soul/Hip Hop track. My mixing sucks, help me out bros

I used the crap out of the ART because I love the sound it gives. That said I feel like the EQ is kinda bad. I was going for that dirty lofi 60s/70s feel.
Old 2013-08-20, 23:46
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I think it sounds pretty good - forgive my ignorance, but what is the ART?

Anyway, I would suggest halting the drums a bit earlier, at 1:14 on "I got 15 miles...", as this would make him feel more desolate and alone.
Then if you could add some female vocals from there on, starting from "can hear my baby calling my name.." (you could either make up a name, or have girl say "my name" - which would actually be a bit cool...)
So she would "call" the name in the distance with some reverb and delay?
And from then on, add female backing vocals ( L and R) and add emotional contrast via this - whether she is mocking, longing, dismissive or whatever...
Old 2013-08-21, 08:38
PeterLansford PeterLansford is online now
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Originally Posted by Svencanz View Post
I think it sounds pretty good - forgive my ignorance, but what is the ART?

Great track by the way.
Old 2013-08-21, 12:33
foidster foidster is offline
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I think the mix sounds basically good. The vox are just a little piercing....just take a smidge off the middle top.... I think that perhaps a tweek in the mastering is really all it needs...there's room for a little more bottom end (80-120khz, just tweek the vox and it's a great mix. Good song too!
Old 2013-08-21, 21:48
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You're being modest on your assessment of the mix. You can warm the sound up a little - take off a tad bit of the high end. But IMO, you mixed it quite well for the genre it is. I enjoyed listening!

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Old 2013-08-21, 22:20
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Those vocals are ace. Who is that?

Loving the funky vibes.
Furious dancefloor shape cutter | Part-time knob twiddler
Old 2013-08-21, 22:55
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Svencanz Svencanz is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 604
Thanks Peter,
The ART looks cool - and since I have R7 I should have it, just have to find it

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