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better strings, please!

As I love to use Propellerheads Reason since the first version, there is an obvious lack of HQ string sounds in Reason. The Orchestra-Sounds are crap compared with the professional 50-300 GB string libraries Hollywood Stings Diamond or LASS. Apart from using Logic + these great libraries for classcial and score productions I would love to see such a great library (needs Reason to support sample streaming) ported for my favorite DAW. Any chance or announcement for a new big string library?


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Here you go:
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Thanks a lot, vivadangermouse! But this refill sounds lightyears worse than the big libraries. The demos always sound stressed and thin. And: how could a 4 GB refill compete with a 300 GB library, which is delivered on a separate HDD? Need something similar for REASON!


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Yes please. This is an on going issue.
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Perhaps an update to the NNXT will be needed before we can get really good string/orchestral libraries in Reason...
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Yeah, make the NN-XT ready for sample-streaming or release a Hollywood Strings Diamond Rack Extension. I would love to pay 600 bucks for this masterpiece of string-libraries. But we need it inside Reason, please!

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