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Old 2002-08-11, 01:36
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Electronic music grows in China, despite government efforts!

Electronic music rapidly growing popular in China despite government efforts

I recently visited Bejing, China. And sadly enough, because China is communist, the only thing the people is allowed to listen to is Pop. Because import is strictly controlled, nothing else than Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys is allowed to be sold in the country. Singing about love is harmless. But doing a rap about drugs or a song over an acid trip is very, very "no-no".

Recently underground clubs have emerged in various Chinese cities. All thanks to the internet!

I recently found an article describing in detail how things have changed over the years, how DJ's download and burn their own discs and spin them at clubs, and how they have discovered thanks to the internet to create their own music!

A very interesting and informative read that everyone should read.

In Bejing I could only find two electronic music albums. I bought them, listened to them, and I can clearly draw the conclusion that they are fairly new when it comes to this type of music (here in the western countries it'd be considered as "amateur-trance"). They make pretty basic songs, but because they have such a different type of culture they make the songs with a different feel...

It feels great though that thanks to music tools like Reason, the chinese people are open to create what music they want. Even though Reason is probably pirated over there (which 96% of all software in China is), it feels like I can draw the conclusion that Reason does play a part of how music is evolving in China. (Which in itself is a part of the Chinese governmental change from market-trade to free-trade.)

This seems oddly similar to the Starcraft phenomenon that actually helped the economic rise of the South Korea thanks to the fact of people wanting to buy computers to play computer games on.

China is a very interesting country. Maybe I will sometime in the future visit it once again to see how much it has changed from what I saw of it in my recent trip. - Latest Chinese Electronic Music - Shanghai Electronic Musician

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