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Old 2002-08-16, 05:31
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Reason locks up on save, is this NTFS fault?

Hi, after i upgraded too reason 2.0 it worked fine, then im not sure what exactly happened , but now when i press save, save as, or locks up, it doesnt even open the save browser.

All my drives apart from Audio Record drive are NTFS, i originally thought it could be permissions were wrong, so i reset all on all drives and tryed again.... exactly the same

so i uninstalled it, did a full full regclean, no traces were left of it... (according too regcleaner, and advanced regclean) even searching Regedit For propellerhead, and Reason didnt show up anything...

Then reinstalled, and it didnt ask me for my serial number which i thought was very strange... put the soundbank and orkester cd's in, app loads fine, i can still do whatever i want, but as soon as i press save....Lock up again

this s almost like when i used v1 demo (can do stuff but not save)
but the difference being i have aid hard earned money for this
Any idea before i must reinstal my whole OS?
Windows XP pro is my OS

Thx for any help
ken C
Old 2002-08-16, 05:44
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EnochLight EnochLight is offline
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:I'm running WinXP Pro on NTFS (with various cluster sizes) and have no issues. Not sure why yours is. Why do you have one drive that is not NTFS? Any older OS's running on a network that can't see NTFS? If not, convert it to NTFS. If you use it for recording audio, you can set it to a larger buffer size - makes defragging smooth as butter if your clusters are a size more matched to the file sizes you record (I use like a 5 meg cluster size for my wav's, etc).

Old 2002-08-16, 08:27
drumyon drumyon is offline
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Check for disk corruption...

Run a "chkdsk /f drive letter " on the drive that Reason lives on and on the Drive that your content files live on. This will check for disk corruption on the specified disks. Odds are that it will mark the volumes for inspection on the next boot up. You might have corrupted Reason program bits or the content file might have corruption or both. If the above chkdsk command line finds something wrong it will try and fix it.
Old 2002-08-16, 08:29
chiisu chiisu is offline
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Re: Check for disk corruption...

Also, if it didn't ask for your serial # again, then you obviouly missed at least one thing. NTFS is the best file system to use, so I doubt it has anything to do with that...

= chiisu
Old 2002-08-16, 11:19
watervinyl watervinyl is offline
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Win XP,ASUS,AMD,and NTSF....Eeeeech!

This combo has given me nothing but grief,so I'm back to good 'ol Fat32 now,and everything works!
Old 2002-08-16, 18:07
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Re: Win XP,ASUS,AMD,and NTSF....Eeeeech!

Done a full scandisk on all drives, defragged the lot, reinstalled... But still wont save
i found a way too re-enter my serial,
i ran the reason.exe in win98 compat mode, then closed it and started in mnormal mode, then it asked me, so thats fixed, but not being able too save SUXX!
Old 2002-08-17, 01:19
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Just reinstalled v1.01... Still the same

Just tried installing v1.01 and exactly the same lockup, so its not really a fault of Reason 2.0.. what the hell could it be?
All drives scandisk'd, permissions reset...
Reinstalled Reason numerous times....

Old 2002-08-17, 10:33
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:This combo has given me nothing but grief,so I'm back to good 'ol Fat32 now,and everything works!

Sorry to hear your grief - works like a charm for me.

Asus A7V (KT133 chipset)
Athlon 1000Mhz (T-Bird Core)
Win XP Pro
Old 2002-08-17, 15:48
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kind of Fixed now... until i reformat next week with sp1;)

running in compatibility mode for win2k..
works fine, is only temporary until i get sp1 next week.
I been in desparate need of a clean instal, but have been holding out for that first.
Thanks for all ya helpz

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