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Old 2002-08-20, 12:31
tuukka tuukka is offline
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ReBirth RB-338 - is there still development?

My question is that, is ReBirth still being updated in the future?

Company focus understandably is now on Reason and Rebirth has the support of fanatic users around the world developing small programs and mods to use with it but. I understand that updates shouldn't make all the work of the ReBirth community obsolete. But still, there might be some work to be done.
I my opinion Rebirth is still the most live-situation friendly noisemaker software there is, but it lacks the reason type hardware interface to use with multiple outputs. It would be nice to route just one TB from RB to it's own OP, :-) and jam a analog fuzzbox between it and a mixer. I have both Reason and Rebirth so I can do this, but still, it would be nice.
One possibility to lengthen it's life is to create a secret superoscillator waveform that sounds like nothing on this planet and get a patent for it. Make the same flip-rack system there is in Reason for Rebirth and put the switch there, so all the old Mods still work. The backside of the "rack" would be also a good preference panel.

Yes it's farout but a guy can dream, right?

Propellerhead Software rocks!
Old 2002-08-20, 18:41
thral thral is offline
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Re: ReBirth RB-338 - is there still development?

They've said 3.0 is coming, fully OS X compatible I'm sure too, and featuring new technology from Reason (which they also said).

- Springie
Old 2002-08-21, 09:59
tuukka tuukka is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
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sounds great.

Sorry to ask, but where did you hear this?
Of course if summer in Sweden is as nice as here in Finland one can expect updates to news pages happen slowly. Or maeby it's old news and I'm too new here.


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