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Old 2002-10-08, 03:05
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Here you can download all FREE refills (22 !) by DoruMALAIA!

Hello my friends ! My FREE refills are alive again ! You can download all 22 my free refills from here :

( Mac users control click to download to disk ! If after ctrl+ click what you download is a .php file, needs to rename the file to the correct name ending with a .rfl )

Absynth-part.4(organs) (9,05 mb)

Contain 9 smp (NN-19) + 9 samples + 8 demo-rns ! Each organ have a separate NN-19 device loaded in the rns-s and the patch saved as smp ! (Doru MALAIA)

Absynth-part.3(pads) (48,7 mb)

Contain 28 smp (NN-19) + 28 samples + 2 demo-rns ! Each pad have a separate NN-19 device loaded in the rns-s and the patch saved as smp ! Each organ have a separate NN-19 device loaded in the rns-s and the patch saved as smp ! (Doru MALAIA)

A collection of pads perfect for your next project, no matter what genre you produce. There is something here for everyone. Beautiful,whirrling, phat pads made with the astounding Absynth. Very nice,and clean sounding too... If you can't find something useful here you might as well give up. Doru has done it again and for free as usual. Thanks DORU ! ( Jwax )

Absynth-part.2(synths) (10,4 mb)

Contain 23 smp (NN-19) + 23 samples + 1 demo-rns (Doru MALAIA)

Absynth-part.1(drums) (1,27 mb)

1 drp (Redrum file) + 10 samples + 1demo-rns (Doru Malaia)

The new Absynth drums refill is in a word... PHAT - Nice work ! (irish)

Sounds good ! ( raapie)

Voices01(natural01) (13,5 mb)

Contain 1 smp + 32 vocal samples + 1 demo-rns (Doru Malaia)

Very great refill by DoruMALAIA with some cool sounding voices! (Kris)

This is good a great refill ! Finally natural voices ! Thank you my friend ! (Mario)

WonderfulPads03 (21,9 mb)

10 amaizing pads (10 smp + 10 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

Another great refill from DORU MALAIA!It icludes 10 NN-19 patches 10 wave samples (all in 16 bit stereo and 44,1 khz lengh about 20 till 26 sec.) and one demo song (.rns). The patches are very good sounding! And have very good quality. A must for ervery reason user! (schallkraft)

WonderfulPads02 (15,7 mb)

10 amaizing pads ( 10 smp + 10 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

I think WonderfulPads are very good quality samples, very useful for ambiental music and all
kinds of electronic music e.g. drum'n'bass etc. Because they can take you on a trip or they can make a nice space_like atmosphere.They can be very useful for background film music as well. I especially liked Pads 11, 13, 17, 19 and 20 (Miha)

WonderfulPads01 (11,7 mb)

10 amaizing pads ( 10 smp + 10 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

10 Beautiful stereo pads sounds (Dubby)

128Hits,Stabs&TapeRew (3,98 mb)

128 effects (1 smp + 128 samples + 1 rns-demo) (Doru Malaia)

128 disco stabs ,musical hits and tape rewind effects in sample and smp format (BrianCody )

This is another SLAMMIN' refill by Doru Malaia. The sounds are all Dance ready, and sit on the NN19 like they were made for it! The variety and sampler layout is great for MIDI programmers ( David Zimmerman )

Top Quality sounds with something for everyone, I guarantee that you will use this refill, a must for everyone, download this - you will not regret it! (Teknical)

175Scratches (5,64 mb)

175 scratches (74 long - smp1 and 101 short - smp2) (2 smp + 175 samples + 2 demo-rns ) (Doru Malaia)

This is a stunning set of scratch sounds, varied in pitch, texture tempo and rhythm. The volumes are nice and smooth across the keyboard when the patches are loaded into the NN19. These are excellent sampler sounds with a great deal (David Zimmerman)

200NewScratches (6,35 mb)

200 scratches ( 2 smp +200 samples +1 rns-demo) (Doru Malaia)

an cool NN-19 patch RFL. It includes 2 NN-19 patches ,200 wav samples ,and 2 .rns. All samples are in 16 Bit stereo 11,0 khz and lengh about 0,30 sec til 1,40 sec.I am not friend of scratching but i still like these refill. I use it for breaks, intros, hits, fx, ..... so download and go on scratching!! (schallkraft)

FX01 (3,10 mb)

14 effects (1 smp + 14 samples) (Doru Malaia)

Synth based multi layered effected sounds, cut them up or add your own effects to make them huge (Teknical)

FX02 (2,68mb)

58 effects (1 smp + 58 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

Zaps! Sirens! Machinery! Robots! Pings! Asteroid Blasters! Water Drops! Nightmares! Spaceships! Want it weird ? This is it. All the weird, spacey and funky sounds you need to build your most perfect chaos! Nearly 60 sounds neatly placed from C2 to C7 on the NN-19 Sampler (John (Yanni) Fyssas)

58 fx sounds ranging from spacial sounds to sweeps in sample and smp format (Brian Cody)

FX03(short01) (4,34 mb)

400 (!) short effects (4 smp + 400 samples + 4 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

400 tasty short samples ranging from blips , sweeps,taps and electronic fx in sample and smp format (Brian Cody )

Ever wondered what a strangled budgie sounds like disappearing down a plughole in a skoda? Download and wonder no more . . . (Teknical)

FX04(long01) (8,68 mb)

51 long effects (1 smp + 51 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

This is an awesome collection of ambient noises, many of which have a sustained jet like sound, and which are smooth and clean sounding (David Zimmerman)

Various long fx sweeps , sounds , hits and everything in between in sample and smp format (Bryan Cody )

MagicRhythms01DANCE (14,8 mb)

76 Rx2 loops (Doru Malaia)

an nice Rx2 - Rhythm RFL.Very usefull for backgrounds and breaks. Go and get it! (schallkraft)

Phat refill containing Rex loopz (Dubby)

DrumsWorld_01 (25,5 mb)

847 (!) drums pieces for your music ! (Doru Malaia)

This is a great refill and contains all the drum sounds you are ever likely to need, featuring 847 different sounds split into 41 catagories,this is a worthy addition to any Refill collection. Don't let the size put you off,download it now, you won't regret it! (Spiral Scratch)

A collection of drum kits & percussion soundz (Dubby)

WAR! (7,5 mb)

128 effects (1 smp + 128 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

128 Screaming Rockets,Grenades,Misisles,Guns,Cannons,Explosions, Laser Fire,Raids,with NN-19 Patch will all 118 Sounds Mapped to an Induvidual Key (Kloaking Device)

Another great refill from Doru Malaia.128 sounds of war, split into 5 catagories: Shots, Machine Guns, Rockets, Raids and Explosions.An unusual theme for a refill but that's what
makes it special! (Spiral Scratch)

On this one you have everything for your own personnel war.There are single gunshots,
machine guns firing, rockets taking of and exploding, raids that even Rambo would be proud
of and 28 enormous explosions (Humanist)

Sex!Sex!Sex! (6,92 mb)

128 effects (1 smp + 128 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

It's gonna make you horny! a lot of girls moaning, a lot of "oh yeah" and stuff. Use it for your house tracks. if you add some fx, the samples are quite useful to create atmospherique
backgrounds (Michael Renaudin)

It does what it says on the label,over 100 pleasurable female vocal moans,groans,oo's and
ahh's in sample and smp format (Brian Cody)

Sex Sex Sex...Female Moans Adults Only! (Dubby)

Zoo (4,15 mb)

110 effects ( 1 smp + 110 samples + 1 demo-rns ) (Doru Malaia)

With the Zoo refill, young and old will be captivated by all the interesting and fun sounds of real animals.The sounds are all clear and full of vibe; squeals, barks, and my favorite, the snorting horse.The samples are nicely placed across the keyboard, in a manner that is both inspiring and ergonomic.Amplitudes are normalized with great skill, so you can set your levels and start playing (David Zimmerman)

110 animal samples (1 NN-19 smp).There is everything from a cat purring to Enormous Lions
growling,dogs howling,donkeys,horses and cows.Everything you need for that wilderness feel

Airplanes&Helicopters (6,08 mb)

25 effects (1 smp + 25 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

DORU MALAIA Airplanes&Helicopters - 25 tasty samples of planes and helicopters and jet engines , landing taking off you name it in sample and smp format (Brian Cody)

Bells (5,44 mb)

51 bells effects (1 smp + 51 samples + 1 demo-rns) (Doru Malaia)

Forget synthesizing bells, these are the real thing. Single and multiple chimes from a cathederal to a cuckoo clock. Big, small, high, low, and all great quality (as you would expect from Doru!) (Teknical)

51 stereo bell samples (Dubby)

You can find all of those refills (and many other free samples and free sf2-s) if visit my site :

Enjoy !

Old 2002-10-09, 03:07
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I've been using the Drums one a fair bit now :-)
Old 2002-10-09, 17:47
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Re: Cheers

Looks like a great resource and especially welcome as I've just cleaned out my spare cash buying the miniscule "Brit Horns" from AMG (ReasonRefills).


Old 2002-10-09, 22:02
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:Looks like a great resource and especially welcome as I've just cleaned out my spare cash buying the miniscule "Brit Horns" from AMG (ReasonRefills).

As always Doru, thank you very much for your many contributions!

Old 2011-09-15, 18:51
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I need one 128Hits,Stabs&TapeRew (3,98 mb) refill from this low quality series,but links are broken.
Can you reupload this refill please
Old 2011-09-15, 19:13
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Very sorry to tell you that Doru Malaia, an absolutely splendid fellow, died several years ago. For a while his wife and friends were still filling orders for his inexpensive percussion sample packages, but I don't know whether they're still doing that. Also don't know whether they have access to the download site.

Wish I could help, but that's all I know.
Old 2011-10-11, 06:03
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Hi! DJ Konstantin!

I've myself discovered the ReFills by Doru Malaia a little too late it seems... I'm about to compose a full song out of his ReFill Sex!Sex!Sex! that I like quite a lot!

But, mainly, I've found, somewhere on the Internet, the ReFill you're looking for. Send me a private message with your e-mail, and I'll send it to you.

Be aware that I do that because this ReFill was a free one by sir Doru Malaia... and that he really seemed to want to share those with the Reason community. Otherwise, I wouldn't do that!

electrochoc, a.k.a. ... nah! too soon for that!

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