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Old 2003-06-06, 19:23
instrument instrument is offline
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Functional, expandable, DAW??? Advice needed! Your Setup?

Hello all....
I am running Reason 2.5 on a TiBook 800/512/40.

i want to mix reason with live instruments.......
i want my DAW to be EXPANDABLE, in other words i do not want to run out of processor power and not be able to add more computers to the system.
I know VST is designed for this but i think MOTU DP4 takes better advantage of OS X's Audio units and floating point processing capabilities whereas i am not aware that Steinberg/Nuendo has this same capability. And what about logic??
Also i am thinking of the motu 896 as an audio interface for the live instruments in which case I would ideally like to be using DP4...... but would i be limiting myself as far as expandanility in the future??? What gives?? I've been studying and reading stuff for more than a year now and am ready to create.....just want to be sure about what i'm getting into!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated....thanks alot!
Old 2003-06-06, 20:37
robzit robzit is offline
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Re: Functional, expandable, DAW??? Advice needed! Your Setup?

896 is a really good choice!!!

DP4 will be AU compatible with next (free) upgrade 4.1.

If you can afford, buy a TC Works Powercore Firewire too, it will release a lot of CPU ;-)

I've checked Nuendo but I don't like it at all.

I think that on a Mac better alternatives are DP4 and Logic6.

Check for free virtual instruments and plugins in AU and VST2 format in the site below: you won't be disappointed!!!!



Old 2003-06-06, 21:37
amitopia amitopia is offline
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Check out, lots of info & forums there too. nt

Old 2003-06-07, 22:13
eric007 eric007 is offline
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As a DP4 user...

I'd say it depends on what you need. DP4 still has some bugs that are being worked out, but so do Cubase and Logic. Reason is much easier *at least in my opinion* to set up in DP than in Logic. Logic is the most customizable but also the most difficult to learn. Logic only has AU, no VST. Cubase has VST, and will probably get AU eventually. DP has MAS and will get AU soon.

You're best bet would be to go to a Guitar Center or some other music store where you could demo them in person and get a feel for them, it's all about what workflow style you like the best.

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