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Propellerheads on IRC

Whoa... There shure is some heavy traffic on this board!
Been busy working and my previous little remider regarding me and Kero's IRC-channel is long gone.
Anyway, here goes - again:

If you already know what IRC is all about, make shure to stop by #propellerheads on As of now, there's just me there, trying to keep the channel "alive". I see there are some people who actually have found their way to "propellerheads just recently, but unfortunaly I wasn't there or paying attention. If your'e reading this now and one of thoose who visited, please don't hesitate to visit "my" little channel on a later occation.

If you don't know what IRC is and want to learn more, you can read more on the following links:

- -
- -

Still interrested? Download the IRC-client of your choice and i'll be hoping to see you there soon =)

Popular IRC-clients for Mac:

For PC:

I don't know the commands for any of the mentioned Mac clients but, if your'e using mIRC, start by typing in the status window "/nick %your_nick_here%" followed by "/server". If everything goes smooth, a lot of text should appear such as a welcome message and Message Of The Day (MOTD).When your'e connected type "/join #propellerheads" and start howling =)


ps: Fear not, it's not my intention to "kill" this board with my IRC-channel ;-)
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Re: Propellerheads on IRC

:I'll find you there someday.

Thanks for the new Tape Echo too, i'm having so much fun with it. Ill be sure to hit you up for a new one when the props implement the hp filter eh.

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