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Old 2003-06-29, 01:13
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question about the matrix pattern sequencer and Reason

Hey just wondering, Is there any way to assign manualy played audio samples into a matrix pattern sound bank...i e me playing some notes while records on and assigning that recording to say A1 or A3 ? and if not with matrix is there a way how... and also, are there any othe pattern sequencers other then the matrix
Old 2003-06-29, 06:04
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Re: question about the matrix pattern sequencer and Reason

No, you can't record from midi into the matrix, but it is an oft-requested feature, so maybe in reason v3.

The best alternative is to record midi into the sequencer in the normal way, but then select the notes you'd like to be a "pattern" and group them. Then you can copy & paste the group around as you desire, which achieves pretty much the same thing.

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