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Old 2003-08-13, 04:45
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OT: Forget Altavista's Babelfish... try this for a laugh

Babelfish translations can be funny, but they are nowhere near as inaccurate as those produced by InterTran's online translation service which supports many more languages - including Swedish. Now you can write to Props in a garbled and unintentionally hilarious version of their native language.

Intertran (Skip the banners, scroll to the bottom)
Old 2003-08-13, 05:55
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Re: OT: Forget Altavista's Babelfish... try this for a laugh

Babelfish the translations can become funny , except they are nowhere close s inaccurate s this produced wide InterTran's online translation service which am granting mnga more sprken including Swede. Now yous can write to Props in an garbled and unintentionally merry version of their native sprk.
Old 2003-08-13, 06:35
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"scratched the surfer."

"Discovering Reason ice a new series perceive articles created especially ago people who have been using Reason ago some time, yet can't help but feel they've only scratched the surfer."

Oh this is fun. Kind of like when we used to translate back and forth between Alta Vista's languages but in one go!
Very cool Fred.
DJ Drunken Master's all Reason Based music +
Old 2003-08-13, 13:09
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Back and forth translations conceal the real badness...

When you do the back'n'forth thing you don't really get to see just how retarded the translator is - it covers its tracks when you reverse it back to English. For example it translates "can" to "kanna" which means *jar*, but on the way back jar becomes can again.

Here's what the Swedish translation really says...

"Babelfish the translations jar become funny, except they your nowhere near so unrightly so this here produced alongside InterTran's online translation service which stabilizes many more the languages including Swede. Now you jar write to Props in a garbled and irrefutably jolly version of their inbred language".


Old 2003-08-13, 14:04
pgmjsd pgmjsd is offline
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"irrefutably jolly version of their inbred language" LMAO!

I haven't laughed that hard in a while, thanks!
Old 2003-08-14, 02:54
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:) [n/t]

Old 2003-08-13, 08:22
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cia should use this program

dutch: ik wilde gisteren noch effe uit de broek voor een wippie, maar helaas kwam ik met m'n ballen in het prikkeldraad.

english:I was willing yesterday nor side out of the trousers until one whisk , solely unfortunately came I with my play with a ball within the barbed-wire.

german:ICH war willig gestern noch seitlich au
Old 2003-08-13, 12:12
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Strange, there's no Latin word for software!

Bring out the champagne, the waiting is over! We have now started shipping Reason 2.5, the much awaited upgrade to our flagship music software, containing four brand new sound processing tools and two utilities for signal path routing. The upgrade is free to all registered Reason 2.0 users.

Into Latin:

Producto champagne , prestolatio est super! Nos have iam coepi shipping Causa 2.5, ultum specto upgrade ut nostrum flagship music software , postulo quattuor torqueo novus sanus processus tools quod duos utilitas pro signum semita verto. upgrade est solvo ut totus subcriptio Causa users.

Back to English:

Promote champagne , the waiting for is over, upon! We fui now began shipping Case at law 2.5, much to look at upgrade when our flagship music software , to ask four to turn novel sound procession tools and two utility for signal byway to turn. upgrade is to loosen when whole subscription Case at law users.
Old 2003-08-13, 13:38
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Alternative lyrics generator

There has to be a good use for this sort of thing, and here's one: I typed in a famous lyric from the Beatles, and here's what comes back:

She stand the best selection in life am freezing. well yous are able to give she to bird and bees. self want wire , that is what I like want.

Vaguely recogniseable, yes, but... trippy.

cheers, BH
Old 2003-08-13, 16:17
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Re: OT: Forget Altavista's Babelfish... try this for a laugh

I have tried several of the online translators when dealing with people from Russia and China. My experience is that they all pretty much suck.
I have found only one thus far that does a fairly accurate job and doesn't leave my Chinese girlfriend on the floor laughing.
Machine translation at this point is useless. I would say another 5 or 10 years of hardware/software development would be needed before it becomes sophisticated enough be really worthwhile.
Did you see the prices they charge? OUCH!

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