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Old 2004-03-25, 05:54
invic invic is offline
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A (Sort Of) New Release, Plus Mad Rabbit News

Hey all. First, the goods: "Urban Wavelength", a powerful techno/rock epic, is now available on Soundclick at There's a story behind this one, but Mad Rabbit news comes first, in case you don't want to read the story, because it's rather long. :P


We've had a couple of tracks up in the last month or so that received excellent feedback, but still haven't seen their final releases making use of said feedback. Rest assured that those tracks -- "Desire" and "Impact" -- are still under development, and will ultimately see final releases.

An older track, "Illusion", has continued to receive feedback from various sources, most of which was centered around the overall crappiness of the weather sounds. "Illusion" is also being reworked for this reason, and for overall quality, and will see a fresh release in a few weeks.

Also, two new tracks are in the "polishing" stage and will release very soon: "Loss", brooding progressive trance; and "Robot Boy", a throwback to the super-synth sounds of our favorite Blue Bomber, Mega Man!

To everyone: thank you for your support of Mad Rabbit thus far. Cheers, and may your muses be with you!

And now, the story of "Urban Wavelength"

"Urban Wavelength" isn't a "normal" release. In fact, this track is probably over two years old. It's from my [unpublished] album "Cross-Section of a Philosopher" which was completed before Mad Rabbit came into existence.

Why release it now, then? First off, this is an "unofficial" Mad Rabbit release, and as such, I'm not making a request for opinions like usual. Of course, if opinions are provided, they will be graciously accepted, as always! The story behind this release is kind of sad, actually. See, through some organizational mishap sometime during the last two years or so, I somehow managed to lose the original song file. All I have left of "Urban Wavelength" is this MP3, so... short of a little mastering work in Soundforge, there's no way I can work on the song any more. That's kind of annoying, because this track uses a hodgepodge of samples acquired from all sorts of random places across the net that I'd really like to replace. Perhaps one day I'll painstakingly reconstruct this track in Reason.

For now, however, I simply want to get this track out there. "Urban Wavelength" is, in a way, near and dear to me, on account of being my first baby step into the wonderful world of electronica! (Before this, I was tracking pathetic attempts at punk rock music... oh the humanity!) It'll never be included on a commercial CD, mostly because I don't have permission to use these particular samples commercially, only freely. Nonetheless, with all the work that went into the track, I want people to hear it, otherwise it's a terrible waste!

So give it a listen if you've got a spare eight minutes, and spread it around if you find it worthy!

That is all.

Mad Rabbit on Soundclick
Old 2004-03-25, 06:16
tranzman tranzman is offline
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Re: A (Sort Of) New Release, Plus Mad Rabbit News

I really enjoyed the begining of your song, the piano was very very well done, and when the percussion came in it was sweet. However as the song progresses there seems to be some distortion and different melodies and bass lines fighting for the same frequency, mabye I'm completley wrong about that, but something sounded strange to me. Btw, I like how u paned the piano left and right, that was good. The ending is also something really cool, are those electric guitars bashing out power chords? Whatever it is, it's really cool. Nice work mad, I look forward to more of ur work.


Strifer (aka Tranzman)
Old 2004-03-25, 06:29
invic invic is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 3

I think the interfering frequencies might have a little to do with the fact that it's a somewhat crappy MP3 rendering, but unfortunately, in this case there's nothing I can do about that...

Thanks for the compliments though. I'm really proud of the piano intro. One day I'll actually learn to play it on a piano! (No really, I don't know how to play my own song, how sad is that?) As for the end, I was just trying to layer as much explosive power as possible on top of, well, more explosive power and so on. At this point, I don't think even *I* know everything that's going on there any more!

But it is wild, that's for sure. Sometimes I play that song in my car, and when it gets to the end, I turn it up real loud and open my windows and people get scared of me because it's so hardcore. (I live in Utah, if that explains anything).

Thanks for the feedback!

That is all.

Mad Rabbit on Soundclick
Old 2004-03-27, 14:02
Stompp Stompp is offline
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Why don't you try a complete remake?

I think it'd be worth it. I'm listening now, and really enjoying it - it wouldn't be impossible to remake this in Reason (following its structure/composition at least), and I have to say it did feel more emotional than some of the "epic" trance you've been producing recently. That's not to say I don't like the epic trance, don't worry, but I think you'd be able to a very good recreation of this in Reason.
Old 2004-03-28, 03:47
fpoole's Avatar
fpoole fpoole is offline
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I just remade a track myself...

Though it was a Reason track, the original sucked. Still waiting...Here it is! Was that *loud*, or is the Surround getting to me. Now, musically, this is good stuff. Everyone who truly puts forth emotion in their music will do well...except on a technical degree. Now this may sound a bit harsh, but technically...the mix is crap. There seems to be clipping everywhere. Now, aside from the percussion, everything sounds good, but is way too loud. As for the percussion, the rhythym is fine, but the samples or whatever is used, sounded terrible. I'd definitely consider remaking it. I just did, and it paid off...or so I've led myself to believe.

Anyway, it's a class track, but the sounds are on the whole too loud, a bit generic, and some are just bad.

I'd say it's pretty good. Work on the mixing and choice of sounds, and I'd save the MP3.

Anyway, it's not meant to offend, but rather to help. And maybe it did. (Or maybe I really *have* lost my mind in this studio somewhere....hmmm....where *did* I put that thing...


Check out the link to decide if a remake might be a good decision.

Feedback Desparately Needed:
Fahrenheit 451 - Feel the Flames (451 "NightSky" Remix)
Old 2004-03-28, 04:27
invic invic is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 3
Haha, yeah

Yes, the mix is crap. I made this track with Modplug Tracker over three years ago, before I knew what the word "mix" meant. Clipping? Oh yeah. Now I'm curious, so I'll just run the MP3 through Soundforge real quick...

Wow. Visually it's even worse than it sounds. Even the quiet parts are clipping. The very first note on the piano at the beginning of the song is clipping. Holy crap. :P This is why I'm so irritated that I lost the original file.

However, the opinions thus far seem to converge on one point: aside from the numerous, severe technical issues (expected), the actual *song* isn't half bad. Perhaps a remake is very much in order.

I'm not the best person to give feedback on your track, not being such a DnB fan. I mean, the first thing I noticed was the lack of a clear melody or theme. If you've heard a few of our tracks, you have a perfect example of what I'm talking about. But then, DnB isn't about having a clear melody or theme, it's about having crazy beats. "Feel the Flames" had areas where the beats were downright phat, but oftentimes it seemed like it was starting to build up, only to go quiet again. There were some teasing bits of hihat work that never fully developed, at least not how I kept wanting them to. This track really needs a mega-energy climax! I also wasn't a big fan of the "Rave" (track name) sound you used, it needs to be a little cleaner in my opinion. However, there is some excellent material interspersed throughout the track. Maybe it just needs to be tightened up a little?

That is all.

Mad Rabbit on Soundclick
Old 2004-03-28, 23:13
fpoole's Avatar
fpoole fpoole is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 23
I agree...:)

On the mixing issues. I'll probably update it later...right now it's on about 5 different websites. (oops!)



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