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Old 2004-03-28, 22:17
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Janet Jackson, crusader for freedom of speech

Freedom of speech proponents are crying foul to the reaction caused by Janet Jackson's Super bowl exposure. They say it's going to cripple freedom of speech as a society clamps down on the media's exposure of nudity and what not.

Are they out of their freakin' minds? Why should freedom of speech outrank our beautiful democracy? If the majority don't like it as a family, then why do proponents insist we are losing our own battle.

They fail to understand that some of us don't want that just anywhere without warning and in some cases freedom of speech does nothing but taunt, tease and influence others who should have the freedom to CHOOSE themselves. Which wasn't the case here.

Censorship can be a good thing for helping us choose what we don't wish to see or have the children influenced by. I think they are overreacting and just generally the wrong people to listen too.
Old 2004-03-28, 22:38
MrCurry MrCurry is offline
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Re: Janet Jackson, crusader for freedom of speech

very good point you made!i know its all messed up.Janet exposing on the super bowl was completely uncalled for.. and plus it ruined the game. (no i'm not homosexual there's a time and a place for everything)i was listening to a radio show that gave the listeners the stats of the game and said "there was records broken and tied in that game,but will always be remembered when Janet showed her..."so pretty much it did a diservice to the game.. but hey i'm sure all drunken football fans loved it so i guess thats on arugment in itself hehe.

isn't freedom of speech mainly about speaking freely to the public?.i don't know why they try to twist things up.. personal i think those greenpeace,animal rights people,and the said "freedom" speech lovers are all high and nothin' but rejects from the 60's.i tend to ignore them
Old 2004-03-28, 22:40
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Re: Janet Jackson, crusader for freedom of speech

Janet Jackson showed her tit. I found it neither funny nor erotic. It was a witless stunt. We live in the AGE of the Witless Stunt.

That's the key issue. Just how grown up are we? I'd like to be part of a society that tacitly agrees that this sort of behaviour is juvenile and not worthy of further comment. But as things stand, it's Kneejerkville.

Give up the "debate". The fact is that we Brits and Americans are free to do whatever we want. If we want porn, we can have it. If we want to publish our mastered 32-track recordings, we can. The trick is to know what to DO with Freedom. Smutting up the prime-time Superbowl air-waves is about as redundant as Duchamp's urinal.

Can't you see how jaded Janet Jackson is, or feel how exhausting it is to "debate" the significance of her exposed breast? We should be post-post-post all this!

Cheers, and lets get back to the music



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