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Old 2004-04-25, 01:52
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Newbie: problems with recording 1 section of redrum....

whats goin on everyone? I was curoious to see if anyone could help me out with recording one specific drum pattern, and then another. It seems when i record a pattern from the redrum device and play it back from the transport panel it just keeps playing that one drum loop. Any help/insights,thanks
Old 2004-04-25, 02:05
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Re: Newbie: problems with recording 1 section of redrum....

Not precisely sure what you doing but the transport control is just that, a transport control. It isn't going to select the next drum loop until you: 1 - Create the next drum loop in Redrum. 2 - Program a Controller Lane to make the loop change. Alternately, you could just enter your beat in the sequencer's piano roll view. There are many details you need to know.

I suggest yoou read through sections 1 and 11 of the Operation Manual.pdf located in the Reason folder on your hard drive.

Cheers and Good Luck,


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